The History And Design Of Eames Chair

Art is about a whole lot more than painting and sculpture. In this post, we're going to take a look at a really special chair and determine exactly what part it played in the history of contemporary furniture artwork in America.

We build furniture for use, however, the aesthetics of the furniture layout is really a special art form on its own. Furniture has been among the most essential kinds of practical art in history.

Every generation appears to create a brand new style on the classic notion of objects-you-can-sit-on, but among the very influential in American culture was the magnificent Eames lounge chair. It is a masterpiece of fine art, and comfy enough to glow in!

Bully Lounge Chair & Ottoman

The Eames Chair

From the 1950s, Charles and Ray took on a job to design a high-end, luxury seat. It was modern, stylish, and fashionable. Additionally, it had to be comfy.

To make their seat, Charles and Ray appeared for their expertise in handling mass-production. Charles and Ray were a few of the very first significant designers in Western history to deliver plywood and plastic items to the typical American home. Now, they would do it with luxury things.

The Eames Lounge Chair was created from three pieces of molded plywood: a base, a backrest, along with another headrest. All these pieces were coated at a rosewood veneer (later iterations would utilize walnut, cherry, and Other endings too).

Lastly, the 3 plywood shells were put with black or brown leather cushions. To complete the design, Charles and Ray developed a matching ottoman to be marketed together with the seat for a footrest.