All About Gelato Ice Cream

Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream, but some Italian chefs might scoff at this definition of free. It's like ice cream, but there are three main differences. The first difference is that this is a dream come true on a diet because there is less fat.

Another difference is that it is denser because unlike ice, it does not add air. Manufacturers add air, which doubles its size. But because of this, it lost half of the taste. If you want to make ice cream at home then you can try the best soft serve base mix in Australia.

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This doesn't happen in the case of gelato ice cream. You can enjoy the full taste because it does not add air to it.

However, gelato ice cream is relatively warmer. Not warm as it is still served below freezing, but slightly warmer than ice cream. That's why it melts faster than ice. And some chefs also say that the taste of the gelato ice cream is so rich that it can even be tasted in the throat.

This difference is not as significant for the average consumer as it is for you, which is why they use replaceable ice cream and gelato. Or sometimes they even use gelato to refer to that cold dessert.

It is a healthy dessert that can be eaten by any age person because it has less fat as compared to any other ice cream. So, you should try this ice cream once in a while.