Top 4 Beautiful Places In Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country, from the dramatic coastline of the North to the luscious green countryside of the South, so when it comes to deciding what area of Ireland to discover next it is easy to be spoilt for choice. Here are some most beautiful places to stay in Ireland.

The Dingle Peninsula

Set on the westernmost tip of County Kerry the Dingle Peninsula is 30 miles of dramatic cliffs and spectacular mountains that jut into the Atlantic Ocean. You can also look for a Dingle Way – Ireland tour online.

Moving to Ireland: Why you should live in Dingle, Co Kerry

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Many of Dingle's towns and villages nestle around the coastline away from the rugged spine of mountains that runs inland from Catherconree and Lack Mountain in the east, Mount Brandon in the north, and to Mount Eagle on the western tip.

The Antrim Coast

To experience this most northerly county of Northern Ireland is to experience contrasts. You'll feel the magic and mystery of the Giant's Causeway; take time to sit on the amazing hexagonal shore and look out over the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Cooley Mountains

County Lough's border location has meant that up until recently many visitors missed out on the beauty of the Cooley Peninsula. As a result, this region is unspoiled and its loughs and mountains form spectacular scenery.

The Cavan Lakes

The center area of County Cavan is peppered with many small lakes or loughs. Lough Oughter is a network of promontories, peninsulas, and islands. Lough Sheelin, Lough Gowna, and Lough Kinale are not truly Cavan lakes with over half of their water sitting in other Counties.