One LED Light Therapy System – 3 Powerful Uses

LED light therapy is a powerful tool used by NASA and the US Navy because of its incredible effectiveness and benefits. When red and infrared LEDs (LEDs) are used in very specific nanometer ranges and combined in therapy, you receive intensive care for several ailments. The LED light therapy system containing red and infrared LEDs offers 3 very powerful applications.

1. Skin rejuvenation

Red and infrared LEDs have the ability to penetrate all layers of the skin, where they stimulate collagen and elastin production, increase blood circulation, increase cellular energy, and stimulate cell recovery and healing. When used regularly, this technology offers a surprising number of benefits for the skin.

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2. Pain Relief

Red and infrared LED procedures are used by NASA and the US Navy to relieve pain and speed healing. These powerful LEDs penetrate deep into tissues, joints and bones and cause over 24 positive reactions at the cellular level. Red and infrared wavelengths increase blood flow, speed up the healing process, block pain-releasing chemicals and increase the production of endorphins.

3. Relieve pain in pets

Just as this technology can greatly reduce pain in humans, it can also do the same for your favourite pets. Seeing your pet in pain can be devastating, and getting a pill down his throat couldn't be easier. LED therapy offers a safe, non-invasive, drug-free and convenient way to make your pet more comfortable.

A light therapy system containing red and infrared LEDs is beneficial for the whole household. From repairing skin, healing blemishes and relieving pain in family members, to improving pet health. It makes everything safe, easy and convenient.