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According to Gardner, every human being has capacities wired into their brains that are manifested in this intelligence to one degree or another. In other words, we are all intelligent – it's just that we show our intelligence in different ways.

I have oversimplified this theory to a great degree but the point I wish to draw to your attention is how much we can underestimate certain children when we conceive of intelligence merely as an IQ figure obtained from a particular test.

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This 'obsession' with IQ testing can lead to low expectations on the part of educators when the test results are low; low expectations quickly translate into poorer teaching methods, less reinforcement in the classroom for the child and therefore lower performance on the part of the child.

The stakes are high in the IQ race and the winners are more often than not created by those who teach them than by any so-called natural intellectual endowment. Think of it this way; if a person has an IQ of 185 but possesses no ability to understand himself or others, what sort of life will he lead? Generally speaking, the answer will be a life of frustration, wrong choices, unhappiness in love and relationships, and constant disappointment.

Gardner's theory has its critics and is not universally accepted as an alternative model of human intelligence. But whatever concerns arise about it and from it there is no disputing the fact that Gardner is responsible for bringing to the fore the issue of intelligence and expanding our understanding of what it is.