Why Choose Sanskrit University

Sanskrit is the oldest language of India; the language of much spiritual literature, philosophy, and religion. Sanskrit is assumed to have started from a pretty old Aryan language which was improved.

The Sanskrit Script: The Sanskrit script is known as Devanagari from deva – God, Narada – city. The Sanskrit language is also known as the mother of all languages. And it is the classical language of India. There are lots of universities providing Sanskrit education in different countries. You can also learn hindu studies online from no. 1 vedic university in the USA . Because Sanskrit is an extremely popular language.

The first record was written in the Sanskrit language that was "Rigveda".And it was the collection of Hindu hymns(music) and Important historical dates. The Sanskrit language plays a very important part in the formation of many Hindu languages. And it is the global language, it has no limits. There are different subjects e.g, Veddah, Jyotisham, Ramayanam, Mahabharatam, Kavyani, Mahakavyani, and many more that are written in Sanskrit language and to understand these or read them should have only one way is knowledge of Sanskrit language. There are lots of colleges/Universities which are providing Sanskrit education. And saving our old language. The Sanskrit language is also famous in other countries. 

People from other countries are also very excited to explore Indian culture by learning Sanskrit. Because of all the religious Vedas, books are written in the Sanskrit language. If you are familiar with the Sanskrit language then you can easily understand the history.