4 Objectives of Emergency First Aid Training

In some situations, there is a fine line between life and death; Glad to be of help to someone. Doctors, nurses, and paramedics are trained to save lives, but unfortunately, they are not always present. 

As awareness, accidents, and emergency needs increase, many people choose to receive emergency first aid training. You can also look for the best emergency first aid training via https://dandksolutions.co.uk/training/first-aid-training-cours.

4 Objectives of Emergency First Aid Training

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There are 4 main objectives of emergency first aid training:

Identify the cause of injury and take action:

In an emergency first aid course, you will learn to identify the cause of injury and take steps to minimize injury.

Prioritize and be reasonable:

There is only plenty of time left in an emergency. First aid providers must be smart and sensible. For a patient who is in pain and suffering, every second only adds to the trauma.

If there is more than one victim, emergency first aid providers must give priority and decide which injuries need to be treated immediately and which can wait.

Understand your role, don't play the role of a doctor:

As long as you are trained in emergency first aid, you are not the doctor. In an emergency, check carefully and give first aid immediately. 

If the degree of injury requires trained assistance, contact a doctor immediately. Assess the situation and don't play as a doctor.