Desktop Virtualization: Everything a CIO Should Know

CIOs are aware that they're spending a lot of cash just to keep the IT systems that have already been deployed functioning. If only this did not cost as much, then they could use the money on exciting new initiatives that could benefit all of the company. One of the biggest cost-effective elements of any IT infrastructure is the desktop computers that every employee uses. 

Welcome to the World Of Desktop Virtualization

Every CIO has heard of the concept that servers can be virtualized. This is where you install sophisticated software that permits several "instances" running software on the same CPU. In each of these cases, you are able to run one or more programs and each will be able to believe to be running its own server. This lets you make the most of your physical servers. You can get the best Virtual CIO service via Castaway Technology Solutions.

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In the case of virtualizing the desktops utilized in your business basically, the same ideas are utilized.

Can We Talk About Cost Savings?

If you are able to virtualize the desktop of a user you're actually doing is permitting the desktop operating system as well as the enterprise applications to be run on a virtual machine that is located within the data center of the company.

When implementing a system like this by implementing such a system, the CIO can isolate the software your users use from the hardware they run it on. This can drastically reduce IT expenses.