Dumbbell Weights – Your Guide to Using and Buying Dumbbells

For body-building, resistance training, weight training, and exercises typical workout, dumbbell weights are perfect because they are designed to help develop and strengthen the triceps and biceps along with the muscles in the chest, legs, shoulders, and stomach.

Dumbbells with fixed weights measure anywhere from 10 to 15 inches long and weigh from one to more than a hundred pounds, with the addition of five. If you’re looking for dumbbells, you can browse this source: https://southernxfitness.com.au/collections/dumbbells

They are not customized, so you must be careful in choosing the ideal weight for them because each is designed to further strengthen the weight of a certain level of strength and durability.

Type of dumbbells

Choosing between solid metal dumbbells and plastic-coated dumbbells. solid metal dumbbells made from 100% cast iron and are commonly used in gyms and training of professionals. 

Rubber Hex Dumbbell

Coated plastic made of hard plastic shells are made of neoprene or vinyl, filled with concrete. It is the best for home gyms and light exercise. At times, the plastic-coated dumbbell weights filled with either sand or water instead of concrete.

Lifting dumbbells 

Just like lifting heavy things, there is a proper way to lift the dumbbell weight and avoid serious injury.

Remember to warm-up or stretching exercises to loosen up your muscles. warm-up exercises are designed to prepare your muscles for more strenuous activity. Failure to warm up before lifting weights can cause tearing of muscle or strain.

Also make sure that you feel comfortable with the weight you lift, especially if you are a beginner. 

Do not strain yourself by lifting 50-pound dumbbells if your body can only withstand the weight of 10 pounds. Start with a light weight and higher as your strength and muscle tone improves.