How to Ease Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist?

A child’s first dental experience can be one filled with apprehension, fear and anxiety. It is up to the parents and the dentist to make the child’s visit as pleasant as possible. While a friendly dentist in Indianapolis, IN can make the consultation a positive experience, an unfriendly doctor can instill a lifelong fear into your child.

Before visiting the dentist’s clinic, there are a few things that you can do as a parent. First of all, tell your child about the visit a few days in advance rather than spring it as a surprise.

Talk to your child positively about the dentist leaving out unnecessary details that can get him worried. Provide simple answers for his doubts and leave the complex ones for the dentist since he will be better trained to explain these to the child in a non-threatening manner.

Telling your own negative experience with a dentist will only increase your child’s fear and anxiety. Instead, share positive and interesting experiences which will help him to be at ease. Also explain to your child why it is important to consult a dentist regularly. Tell him about good dental hygiene and how the doctor can teach him to brush and floss properly.

You could show your child pictures and images of children’s dental clinics which are usually decorated in a child-friendly manner. This will help to allay some of your child’s fears and calm him down.

Never promise your child a reward of any manner for a visit to the dentist. This is habit forming and your child will expect a treat every time you take him to the doctor.