Tips On Buying A Tropical Fish Tank – Bigger Is Better!

You may assume that tropical aquarium manufacturers are pushing you to buy the largest aquarium you can afford that will fit in your home, but the truth is that there are many reasons why you should choose the biggest tank.

You can and it has nothing to do with giving the tank manufacturer more money! Buying a large aquarium for tropical fish will benefit you, the fish, and is generally good for your hobby. Here are some reasons. You can also navigate to marinedepot to buy a fish tank online.

Remember that water purifies itself right to the point. Having a larger tank for tropical fish will keep the water cleaner than a smaller tank. This means that you have to clean the large tank frequently than the small tank.

They usually need to be cleaned like a small tank every 10 days, not every week. Additionally, large tanks require less water during a water change and use only 10-15%, whereas smaller tanks typically require up to 25-35%.

So it's fair to assume that a bigger tank means extra cleaning, but in reality, it can reduce the amount of work you put into your tank! The bigger the tank, the more space your fish will need to swim, and this makes the fish happier and healthier.

Fish have to swim for it. In smaller tanks, fish can swarm quickly and may not swim as much in large tropical aquariums. Plus, having more space helps keep aggressive fish away from the rest, as there's room to share and more hiding places if needed.