What Does A Heart Bracelet Mean

Friendship bracelets are a part of the past for a long time. They are generally made of embroidery threads and are made using special knots. Heart bracelets are an extremely unique design and signify a very special and warm connection between the giver and the recipient.

The earliest form of decorative knotting still in existence comes from China and was created sometime between 481 and 221 B.C.  However, the knotting used in modern friendship bracelets seems to be descended from the cultures of Central America. Each color of the heart bracelet conveys distinct emotion.

Pink signifies kindness and red symbolizes sincerity. Orange signifies that the wearer is very active and yellow reflects a happy personality. Green is responsible, blue acknowledges the traits of loyalty while black is a sign of respect for an individual as being a strong person.

Making and sharing friendship bracelets is for people of all ages and many individuals sport a variety of bracelets on their wrists and ankles. These bracelets tell a life story. They make note of the positive characteristics a person has and record their friendships. Bracelets can be made for friends as well as family.

Friendship bracelets say a lot about how a friend is seen by another. They signify a bond that will last over time. A heart-shaped bracelet signifies how close your friend is to your heart.