What forklift Tyres and options do I require?

Forklifts are thought to be one of the most efficient tools for moving heavy materials from one location to another. The tyres of this machine are designed and constructed to meet the requirements of its use. You’ll also have to identify the type of tyres you’ll use to boost the efficiency of your forklift. you want to go to aexus.com.sg/forklift-tyres  and check a variety of forklift tyres.


There are three kinds of tyres for forklifts:

The first one is a pneumatic tyre.

Pneumatic forklift tyres look like truck tyres made for heavy-duty use. The tyres are filled with air and come with an extremely thick tread that is resistant to wear. They act as a cushion between the forklift’s surface and the forklift and increase the lifespan of the forklift.

The other would be solid rubber tyres

Pneumatic tyres are substituted by solid rubber tyres. They’re the same in appearance but they’re packed with air. They don’t explode or go flat like pneumatic tyres but they lack air cushion. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors and will last for a long duration.

The tyres made of polyurethane are last but not the least

Indoor forklifts use the majority of polyurethane-tyres. The tyres are inserted by pressing them on the wheel. They are perfect for indoor use since they provide the appropriate amount of traction and are low in resistance to rolling, which increases their lifespan.

You are now able to choose which forklift tyre to purchase after having read about the various kinds of forklift tyres.