Why Should You Buy Aluminum Flag Poles

There are various reasons why would install a flagpole in your residential or commercial property. The moment you decide to get a flagpole, there are a number of things to consider and understand. 

Flag poles are made mainly of steel, aluminum or fiberglass. But for the best results, most people go with aluminum flagpoles. You can check here various types of aluminum flag poles. 

Quality flagpole dealers such as federal flags use the highest quality aluminum to build their state of the art stems. Aluminum is preferred over other materials for stems of construction for several reasons such as:

Aluminum poles are lighter than other materials that make them easy to transport and install.

Aluminum is naturally rust improving its life and also reduces maintenance costs

There are two types of aluminum flagpoles sold by federal flags:

Commercial aluminum flagpoles

Federal flags are experts in manufacturing commercial flagpoles. Not only because they use the aluminum industrial quality in the manufacturing process, but because they put in a lot of thought into the process to provide a complete set.

The commercial flagpole flags sold by Federal comes with an installation guide, external halyard and all the hardware you need to install the flagpole.

The flag mast design also features an ornamental aluminum ball that is included in the default set. With the ball, there is an option to purchase a separate golden eagle that can be perched on top of it. The golden eagle has a wingspan of 11.25 ".