Why Should You Use A Facebook Messenger Bot?

Recently, Facebook Messenger Bot has been released for your Facebook account. This is an application for Bot and Friends that enables you to chat with your friends directly on Facebook Messenger. You can select which bot you wish to chat with, and if you choose to use the one that requires authentication, then it will ask you for a password for the bot user.

Now, why would you want to use Facebook Messenger Bot? You do not need to manually type in messages. Messenger Bot will translate any message that you send it into the language that it is accustomed to, like English. Since the platform allows you to share and chat with your friends, you can talk about anything from something trivial to serious things and even carry some meaningful messages from people that you have not seen for a long time.

Now, let us find out how does Messenger Bot work? To start with, the bot is part of FBFB application, which is already built into Facebook. The application actually executes a function similar to a chat client built using JavaScript.

You will receive an SMS that will direct you to the bot. The bot prompts you for your password before you can use it. You will have to provide the bot your friend's phone number and password so that it can access the application.

After that, you can now start chatting with your friends, and the bot will translate all the messages received into your language, and pass them to you as SMS messages. You just have to wait for the chat to end and send them the SMS as well. If you send more than a single message, it will automatically send them all at once.

In the process of developing Messenger Bot, Facebook developers spent a lot of time on improving the application to make it functional. They also made sure that all the features are working smoothly and you can trust the application.

Before the release of Messenger Bot, Facebook was offering a free bot to their users for testing purposes. This was not a complete bot but it included all the functionality you will need to run your bot. But, if you want to join the ranks of users who will benefit from this bot, then you will have to pay the fee.

As you might expect, the bot also comes with its own security. You cannot get access to other user's messages or upload them. If you think that this restriction is unreasonable, then perhaps you should keep an eye on yourself.

Since the bot is a free application, all you need to do is download the latest version of the Bot and Friends app from the Internet and then install it. You can now open the app and see all the functions that the app has to offer. With this app, you can transfer messages from your computer to Facebook Messenger; you can download photos from Facebook's Photo Hub and share those with your friends.

The system also supports asynchronous messaging, so you will never miss a message. As far as the security is concerned, you can rest assured that your personal information, credit card numbers, bank account information and so on are protected by the Facebook Messenger Bot.

Overall, it is true that Facebook Messenger Bot is not a feature-rich application. It is true that you do not have the opportunity to upload your photos or pictures of your family. But, the application is worth having and will help you enjoy chatting with your friends and family from your computers.