The Best Diet Plans For Dairy Cows

There are many types of farms. One of the most common is dairy farming. They breed special cows for milking and then sell the milk. In order for cows to produce the right amount of milk for sale, farmers must ensure that they are consuming the right food.

Basically, all cows eat the same feed and receive the same diet. The schedule only changes when the season changes. Winter and summer diets are very different from each other.

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Winter Diet 

Give hay or other coarse material to cows when they are not grazing. During the harsher winter months, give them granola or cubes that contain 15% more protein buffers. You have to keep them well hydrated at all times. Store near ponds or irrigation systems. When frozen, use a special tool to break the ice.

Summer Food

If you can, provide one yard of pasture for each cow. When spring comes, be careful and watch out for loose bowel movements. When grass grows early, cows get most of the water but no vitamins or minerals. Give them grain or mineral mix buffers to give them the protein and vitamins they need to stay healthy.

With a proper diet and nutrition plan, your dairy cows will be healthier and more likely to produce more milk. It will also be easier to give you healthy calves to raise.